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About Us

Our faculty has expert and experienced teaching staff in their fields and conducts each academic year successfully. As Faculty of Engineering, we train well equipped engineers who can easily adapt to our country, public and private sector organizations.

There are three departments in the Faculty of Engineering: Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering. Students can benefit from programs such as double-major program and student exchange programs.

To be a pioneering faculty at the regional level, contributing to the development of the country at the national level and to be a leading faculty in transformation.

Contributing to the rise of the socio-economic development level of our region and our country; provides an application-oriented teaching model for educating entrepreneurial and self-renewing students who think constructively and critically, care about ethical values, are sensitive to social problems and have environmental awareness, and use technological opportunities in the most accurate way; to be a faculty that contributes to science with its researches.

Quality Policy

To educate leading generations that will contribute to the continuous improvement of the socio-economic development level of our country and region.

To work in accordance with laws, regulations and professional ethics, to be a leading educational institution in the region by adopting the principles of human centric and social responsibility.